We are a senior couple and Ingrid has given us private weekly yoga sessions for the past 3 years.  This has helped us with personal awareness of both mind and body.  We look forward to her sessions because she has a delightful personality and is very attuned to our physical strengths, limitations, and weaknesses.  With her guidance, yoga has helped us with flexibility and balance, and we’ve noticed an improvement in our overall health and well-being. 

–Tony & Cathie P. 

When I became certified as a yoga instructor I thought, where do I go from here?  I needed direction and guidance. Regularly attending Ingrid’s classes, I knew she was the one who could help me focus on what I needed to build a stable foundation going forward.  After our first private session, I was so impressed with the basics she taught me.  She watched the first 20 minutes of my practice and gave me feedback on positives and made suggestions on what I could improve upon.  After approximately 6 months of teaching, I felt a need to revisit with her and seek advise on cueing and sequencing. I was amazed with the tips she provided and it opened a whole new practice to me.  She always introduces something new and informative to her classes.  Thank you Ingrid, for all you’ve taught me.

-Donna H.

Words seem inadequate in describing the personal growth I experienced while taking individual/private yoga instruction with Ingrid Jaeger. While in the process of rehabbing from a broken foot, fortunately I met Ingrid. Her expertise, patience and compassion were instrumental in giving me a solid foundation to improve both my physical and emotional health. I was a beginner who benefited from Ingrid's ability to teach to adult learning styles and to synthesize a personalized yoga workout. Together, we worked on correct form, strength, endurance and self-acceptance. I laughed, learned and developed a new mindset that will serve me well in the future, and for that I will always be grateful.

-Deb W.

I have been working with Ingrid on my calf and hamstring muscles as well as building overall strength. Under her expertise I continue to be able to exercise and push myself without risking injury. As a true believer in alternative medicine, Ingrid’s practice plays an important role to staying healthy and strong!

-Erin H.

I have found my perfect yoga instructor. I have been a yogi for many years. We moved to Cape Cod in 2017 and my search began for the ideal Yoga instructor. I needed someone experienced and highly trained that could also accommodate my busy work schedule and physical limitations. Ingrid came highly recommended by many so I decided to give her a try, and I'm so grateful I did. After conducting a thorough assessment Ingrid was able to customize an individual Yoga practice for me that also addressed and fulfilled all my needs. Ingrid has enriched my approach to Yoga and introduced me to a whole new spiritual world. I continue practicing with Ingrid today and have never felt better! 

-Mirit W.